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Ayurveda Mantra- Your monthly dose of health, an online Ayurveda magazine

Posted on October 03 2023

Ayurveda Mantra- Your monthly dose of health, an online Ayurveda magazine

Ayurveda, the science of life, is said to have originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Though set in older times, this science is very much relevant in the modern era. This wisdom needs to be made accessible to every single person. The relentless surge of digital innovation has proven to be a boon for Ayurveda as well and is experiencing a revival in the form of online Ayurveda magazines.

Ayurveda Mantra is your multilingual and monthly source of digital Ayurveda. You will be able to read the magazine in 7 languages including English, French, Polish, Russian, Greek, Spanish and Italian making it more reachable to a wider set of audience.

Ayurveda encompasses a holistic approach to health focusing on mind, body and spirit balance. Ayurveda magazine serves as a modern gateway to this ancient wisdom for a global audience. This magazine provides a wide range of information on Ayurveda, Yoga, Herbs and self-consciousness written by eminent practitioners and Ayurveda experts. 


Fundamentals of Ayurveda-

It features articles for understanding the fundamentals of Ayurveda, tridosha, their impact on health and wellness, and successful cases treated and written by experienced doctors. This makes up an excellent platform for making authentic knowledge readily available.


Personalised wellness guidance-

You will find quizzes and informative tools on analyzing your Prakriti (body constitution), current imbalances in your body and systematic methods to restore that balance.


Herbs and their properties-

Healing with herbal remedies is a fundamental basis of Ayurveda. Different herbs, their benefits and recipes to use them in can be explored by the readers. Recommendations of different Ayurvedic products from trusted sources are also to be found in the magazine.


Community and support-

You can get in touch with like-minded people in various discussion forums who share common interests in holistic wellness. Information on webinars and virtual group workshops conducted by Ayurveda experts can also be acquired in the magazine for the readers to participate in.


Global Impact of Online Ayurveda Magazine

Thanks to the digital age and online magazines, this knowledge can reach far and wide, beyond its country of origin for the benefit of mankind. The Ayurvedic principles can be applied to diverse cultural and regional contexts to help people live a healthier and happier life.



Online Ayurveda magazine is bringing in a new era of wellness and health with ancient wisdom seamlessly integrated with modern technology. This platform provides a beacon of holistic health, offering guidance, education, and a sense of community to those seeking a more balanced and vibrant life.

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